AA168 - Why Asking for Help is Critical for Success
Arguing Agile PodcastJune 12, 2024x
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AA168 - Why Asking for Help is Critical for Success

In this episode of the Arguing Agile podcast, Product Manager Brian Orlando and Enterprise Business Agility Coach Om Patel explore the importance of asking for help across various roles, including developers, testers, UI/UX designers, managers and executives.

The podcast explores the common reasons people avoid seeking help, such as ego, fear of appearing weak or incompetent, and cultural factors.

Listen to this podcast if you want to discover the benefits of fostering a culture where asking for help is encouraged, and learn practical tips for instilling this mindset in your team.

Whether you're an individual contributor or a leader, this episode will provide valuable insights to help you and your organization succeed through collaboration and continuous improvement.

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AA168 - Why Asking for Help is Critical for Success

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