AA167 - How to Manage Products & Services Together in Your Business
Arguing Agile PodcastJune 05, 2024x
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AA167 - How to Manage Products & Services Together in Your Business

Many companies offer both products and services to their customers, but struggle with how to effectively manage and organize these two sides of the business. In this episode of the Arguing Agile podcast, Product Manager Brian Orlando and Enterprise Business Agility Coach Om Patel dive deep into the challenges and opportunities that come with delivering products and services together.

Join the hosts as they explore different organizational models, from silos to matrixed structures to customer-centric "pods". Through examples from companies like Intuit, BMW, IKEA and FedEx, the hosts illustrate how the product and service components can intersect and influence each other and how a deep understanding of how your product is being utilized can be crucial for product managers.

Whether you're in software, manufacturing, logistics or any other industry, if your company has both a product and service offering, this episode will give you food for thought on optimizing your business.

Keywords: product management, service delivery, business models, organizational structure, product teams, customer experience, Intuit, FedEx, BMW, IKEA, agile

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AA167 - How to Manage Products & Services Together in Your Business

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