AA148 - An Introduction to Software Development Finances
Arguing Agile PodcastJanuary 24, 2024x
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AA148 - An Introduction to Software Development Finances

This podcast is your ultimate introduction to the cryptic, mysterious, and sometimes clandestine world of software development finance.

Join Product Manager Brian Orlando and Enterprise Business Agility Coach Om Patel as they explore the finance-side of the house with special guest and CPA, Newton Owi!

Listen as we discuss the ins-and-outs of software-finance, including an explanation of Capex vs Opex, an overview of capitalization, an in-depth review of Internal vs External Use Software, and a discussion of Technical Feasibility. We wrap by reviewing strategies for R&D Budgeting and why, how you might save money on MVPs, and it wouldn't be the Arguing Agile Podcast without an in-depth discussion of how Cross-Functional Teams benefit from having access to financial expertise.

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